"Whispers in the Snow," is the story of a young Haitian-French-Canadian widow living in a small Quebec village with a small son and her struggles to juggle two jobs and a complicated love life while being mother and father to her son.


"Whispers on the Lake," is the story of an abandoned wife who's arrested for fishing without a permit because he god has eaten it. Her only crime is to try and find peace of mind and body until she cn decide what to do with her life. The arresting game warden helps her decide.


"Whispers on the Sea," is the story of a French-Canadian woman who goes into business with a Costa Rican fishing outfitter only to discover that it's a cover up for big time drug smuggling.  She's rescued, at sea, by a slightly unsettled ex-sea captain and his dog.  The story takes place in Costa Rica and Canada after many ups and downs, the captain and the woman live happily with the dog.


"Whispers, Whispers," tells the story of a mixed race (white/black) young woman who is accused of trying to blackmail her white grandmother.  She's unaware that the woman is her grandmother but when she learns they become close friends.  Her accuser falls in love with her  and they live happily in Chicago.


"Job Ben Soloman," is the true story of an 18th Century Senegalese man who was sold into slavery in the United States but when it is learned that he is a scholar he is able to win his freedom and return home, via England where he was reseived by the king and queen.


"The Man with a Dream," is the biography  of the Davis ex-slave, I. T. Montgomery, found of America's oldest all-black city of Mound Bayou, Mississippi.


I also write short stories such as "Boubacar The Cart Driver," and "My Friend."  Boubacar tells the story of an illiterate Senegalese cart driver whose inability to read lands him in all sorts of troubles and in competition with a literate car woner for the hand of the woman he loves.  He wins the girl and learns to read.  "My Friend" is the story of overcoming grief.  When the heroine reads a telegramme about the death of her best friend she's consoled by another best friend:  her Samoyed dog.


I am also revising "How to Outline and Organise Your Romance Novel as well as writing articles on writing.